Those who will face everything, in this article will gain incredible knowledge yet simple but effective. Are you ready?

I must admit, I’m flattered how almost all the people avoid to face everything challenging and just put it on the side for later times. We are machines for avoiding difficult things. Most of the times we are not even aware that we fail to face everything. We just skip on thinking about something else less important.

Even right now while you will reading this article your mind will try to avoid the tricky part where you’ll find yourself fitting in. And you don’t want to admit it.

Now let’s see what other difficulties you are avoiding:

  • We all have tasks at work, but we already assumed them as “difficult” and start to check news feed on our Facebook profiles, messages and notification.
  • When we face with some difficulty, we usually advise ourselves “It’s OK, I’ll do it later when I am more in the mood.” And we’ll take the break and go for a beer or two with our friends because we need to chill out, right?
  • When a problem comes out, our instant reaction is to put it aside; to handle it later.
  • We put off reading long emails for later, paying bills and taxes for until the deadline comes and so on, again, just because we assumed them as complicated or huge time-consumers.
  • We skip the gym because is challenging and the results do not show after few days.


Tell me something, am I right? Are you avoiding difficulties at this moment? I want you to this, think for a minute what important you are avoiding right now. It is interesting, but you will notice something, and that’s beginning of my “face everything” method.

First let’s agree on this and see why it is just the way that it is: Avoidance won’t work in the long run!

It’s in our human nature to avoid pain instead of facing everything. Our defense mechanism will put it aside and mark as “do it later activity.” There is a result when you avoid facing everything, temporary relief.

By relegating important and “difficult” tasks, we are making the situation much worse than it is. Just think of one work that you’ve assigned and waited until the deadline. What you’ve met there, chaos, rush and a lot of stress because then you were in doubts if you were going to finish it on time. This happened to you, right?

Now let’s bring “Face Everything technique” on the table:

1. Ask yourself this question: What the hell I’m doing now?

Make this issue be your daily reminder which will put you schedule each time when you’ll think to put some tasks under the carpet. Simply by asking this question, you’ll see what you are doing. Either scrolling on Instagram or checking your Facebook groups, but it’s not what you are supposed to do.

2. The second question from face everything technique: What I’m avoiding or what I’m trying to avoid?

Think about a task you’ve abandoned and started doing something else. Yeah, dig deeper, and you’ll find it. What happened, what made you leave the task? It’s beginning to become challenging and the discomfort started to grow isn’t it? Now, get back on the same task and face everything in between and you’ll see there is nothing to fear. Only name it!

3. Face everything for that particular task or thing!

What is preventing you from doing it? Fear, pain or discomfort, what’s that? Be honest with you and admit why you want to relegate it. No, be more observant and don’t listen to your body what is telling you. Don’t pay attention to the feelings attached to that thing. Confront it, face everything and you’ll see there is no room for fear. It cannot bite you (of course, if your task isn’t showering lions).

4. You face everything, and now you are ready to take massive action!

You’ve observed, you found why and you are ready for the next step – Plan how to do it! Forget about fear. You are an adult, and you cannot allow yourself to behave like a scared child. You felt fear, a BIG deal, erase that word from your vocabulary and with massive action start moving forward, never backward. If you still have doubts about your plan how to do it just talk to someone. Exhaust all the options and then, action!

Face everything method can be very effective unless the difficulty is not something else and you cannot apply it. I can promise you this if you start to face everything, but wisely, you will see that your limitation will just evaporate and you’ll become more productive and more self-confident than ever.


If you are on managerial position, teach your assistants how to handle things according to this face everything method, and you will see how the organization you are working will improve. Your employees won’t avoid the arduous task. Also teach your kids on this approach, at later ages, they will be very grateful.

There are other interesting phenomena. It will occur right after you finish with reading. It is because you will start thinking how to face everything you’ve abandoned. But you’ll see how an excuse will arise, telling you to avoid this article “what they know about complicated things.”

Believe me; that’s avoidance. Your mind is making an excuse in an attempt to skip facing things from under the carpet.

We hope that we are helping with our articles. Stay strong and don’t forget to share your opinion on our method. Also tell us if you are using different techniques for facing difficult task or things. We would be grateful to hear your story.

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