Productivity, we all have struggled with it, simply the working time seems so tight that we couldn’t get done anything we planned. It happens to everyone to struggles with productivity, either it is confused or distracted from something. That’s why we are bringing you this incredible productivity method.

You can read books, attend complicated courses which will only confuse you with different viewpoints on productivity but at the end of the day when you’ll come back from work you’ll have only half done what you were supposed to. That’s where our productivity method comes handy.

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.”

– Theodore Roosevelt –

At its simplest version, our productivity method includes few simple steps. First, pick the most important thing you need to do today, second, focus only on that particular thing you’ve chosen and finish it if you can. Third, just repeat the cycle.

There are some obstacles in between, but we’ll take a look at them too. Just we forgot to mention, take breaks from time to time.

Productivity Method - Learn To Eliminate Fears And Move Forward!

It sounds incredibly simple and easily achievable, but in reality, we fail to do that. Why is that happening? Many times when we face with unknown to us things, our mind tries to protect because it hates discomfort, uncertainty, cannot find security and control. It fears them.

What’s going next, you are not even aware, but you receive a distraction command to check the news, social media or whatever is the distraction to you just to stop dealing with discomfort and uncertainty.

Now let’s explain our productivity method that will help you permanently to address those fears:

1. Set yourself an important task

Look at your day and find the most important one. When you notice the distraction command, step back like a soldier and return to your job. Resist the temptation.

2. Keep your focus only on that task

Don’t even look at something else at your desk, only that task. Try to finish it if possible, work in uninterrupted sequences of 30 minutes.

3. You will again receive the discomfort command

Now it’s getting interesting because you are working for a while and your mind is going uncertain. Just take a deep breath.

4. Explore the feeling that arises after a deep breath

Stay for a minute with it. Acknowledge yourself that you are okay with that feeling even if you don’t know when you will see the finish for the task.

5. Drive back to the task and continue working, finish as much as you can

Those are the five simple steps of our productivity method. What it learns is the fact that you should be aware of the fears but also notice that those are not real.

If you stop performing the task out of fear then who will do it? The task itself? Resist the fear and breath, become curious and observe the feelings arising when the temptation is becoming significant and smile. You’ll notice that there’s nothing to be afraid.

What about your productivity method, what system do you use?

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