Direct your attention to one of your positive qualities. Your brain is now feeding you with reasons why you have this good quality.

“Hey Brain! I am pretty successful, right?”

“Yeah you are! Look at how you handled the business meeting last week. You blew it right out of the park. And look here, how wonderful you are with your kids. And, wow, your golf round on Tuesday was incredible. And look here…”

You can count on your brain to give you more of what you focus on. But, think about how you’re a failure and your brain still helps you.

“Hey, Brain! Today I am miserable.”

“Yes you are. It’s too hot outside and you will soon have sweat marks on your shirt.  Your fake smile put Peter off in the elevator. Look here! He was obviously sneering at you. You couldn’t even make a decent coffee this morning. And look at what you did last week…”

Negative thoughts will creep in sometimes. Thoughts attract more similar thoughts. Negativity feeds negativity, unless you change those thoughts of lead into golden thoughts.

Step 1 – Become Aware of Your Negative Thoughts

When fear of failure first sets in, it gives you tremendous energy. You enter fight or flight mode. Stress hormones pump through your body. However, if you let the negativity persist it will drain you.

Being in a negative thought spiral is horrible. It takes over your entire physiology. Your shoulders slump. Your face deadens. You walk slower. People ask you if you are ok.

Becoming aware is the first step to changing anything. Take a step back and look at your thoughts. Feel the quality of your thoughts. Negative thoughts will grab a hold of you, but you decide where to take them. You can stew in them for hours or days. You can listen to your brain give you reasons for why the negative thoughts are true. Or, you can use that potential energy to do good.

Welcome thoughts of failure. Trying to push away negative thoughts is like trying to stop a fire by blowing on it. The thoughts are there to help you. Become aware of them and then guide them towards good.

Step 2 – Transmute Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts

You have the fear of failure, you are aware of it and you have decided to create gold from it. Take the first step immediately. Energy can’t be lost. It can only be transformed. Change that enormous energy of fear into golden energy of change. Change,

“I am afraid I might fail.”


“How can I make sure I succeed.”

Your brain stops feeding you reasons why you might fail. Instead, it starts using all that energy to feed you ideas for how you will succeed. You become clear-minded. You get laser-like focus. Your mood rapidly shifts from stressed out and scared to excited and motivated. Ask your brain positive questions:

“How can I get more done?”

“How can I do smarter things?”

“How can I live life true to myself?”

Your brain will answer. All you have to do is be ready to write down the answers and start taking action.

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Step 3 – Find Balance and Create from No-Mind

Breathe rhythmically. Look inside yourself. Are you balanced?

The energy you get from fear of failure is immense. It can help you take mile-long steps in minutes. But it can also take you off your true path. Stress hormones can block you from seeing your highest purpose. Sit down somewhere quiet or take a run in nature. Breathe rhythmically and find inner peace. Evaluate the path you carved out in step two. Ask your brain:

“Is this how I want to live life?”

“How can I do things even better?”

“How can I love life while walking the path?”

True inner peace is only there when you love the process. The whole process! Every step you take and every move you make is life at its fullest. Fully taste life in every moment, while doing all necessary things. Let go of all judgments and create out of a state of no-mind. Remove your obstacles and let life flow out from within. Deep peace and ecstatic joy follows.

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