All you need, you already have – What a beautiful statement for life. Maybe some will not agree but for a second just think of your life. Think of what you already have: shelter, enough food, family, friends, job. Isn’t that just enough? You have your loved ones, and most of the time you feel comfortable.

It would be much easier if we all feel the same way, but most of the time we are dissatisfied. We all want more, more love, more money, more knowledge. We forget to embody the idea that what we already have is enough. I want more, and I don’t mean to criticize anyone but when you accept what you have and see it as that is all that’s needed, you will change, the wanting will transform into striving.

But how can we embody this idea: All you need, you already have?

1. Appreciate more

Only appreciate more the people and the things that are part of your life. They may be all you need. Develop this habit of appreciation because the clear desire for more and more can ruin your life and hurt the people you love.

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All you need, you already have! You are not just aware yet!

2. Respect more

It goes hand in hand with the appreciation. When you appreciate someone or something, learn to respect it at the same time. You don’t need to bow everyone you meet yet you can find a more conservative way to express your respect and reflect it in the further actions. Life is like a boomerang if you respect you will be respected. That quality can open you many opportunities in life.

3. Turn to other

The ultimate goal in life is to help others. We are not living this lifetime alone. We are not the center of the Earth. It is selfish if you think about you most of the time. Make some small things for the people you care or your colleagues at work. They will flourish and transfer that positive energy with respect and appreciation. It’s not always like that, but at the end, you will feel better because you’ve helped someone and tried to change something.

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Adopt these rituals and live by them – wake up each morning with appreciation and say thanks for what you have in life. Write one paragraph in your journal with gratitude, respect the people you meet. While starting new task or activity think of the bigger picture how what you are doing will help others. Show respect when you finish with your action, show respect and express contentment to the people in your environment.

Living according to these rituals you’ll find out that all you need, you already have it. After realizing that, as a result, you will progress much more in life than you’ve ever expected.

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